French toast rolls with banana, chocolate and rum

Mango sushi with ginger sauce

Tomato bruschetta

schedule 45 min
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Wash the sushi rice, put it in a bowl, pour cold water, enough to cover the rice, and leave it for 10 minutes.
Sushi rice – 125 g

Meanwhile, cut the mango and the cucumber in strips and trim the smoked salmon so they all will be ready when we make the rolls.
Mango – 50 g, cucumber – 50 g, smoked salmon – 50 g

For the sauce, put the silken tofu, mustard, sesame oil, ground ginger, squeezed lemon and orange juice in a food processor. Blend until smooth and leave aside.
Silken tofu – 75 g, mustard – 1 tsp, sesame oil – 1 tsp, ground ginger – 1/4 tsp, lemon – 1/2, orange – 1/2

Transfer the rice in a saucepan, add 165 ml of cold water and bring to the boil. Then simmer on a low heat for 10 minutes with the lid on.

Turn off the heat and leave it for 10 more minutes with the lid still on.

In the meantime, prepare the rice seasoning by mixing the cider vinegar, sugar and the salt.
Cider vinegar – 1 Tbsp, sugar – 1tsp, salt – 1/2 tsp

Pour it over the rice and mix carefully so you don’t break the rice grains.

Then start preparing the sushi rolls by spreading a thin layer of rice on a nori sheet and leave a border about 2 cm uncovered at the top.
Nori – 2 sheets

Spread the vegan cream cheese in line about 2 cm from the bottom and then put the mango, cucumber and salmon over the line of cream cheese and roll.
Vegan cream cheese – 50 g

After that, cut the avocado into super thin slices and arrange them overlapping over a piece of cling film. Put the sushi roll over the avocado slices and roll the cling film.
Avocado – 1

Slice into bites and remove the cling film.

Serve by pouring about 1 tsp of the sauce over each bite.